Samsung looking to have SmartThings help monitor and control your home

Samsung makes security cameras, home appliances, televisions, refrigerators, and more and is reportedly looking to purchase SmartThings as they expand into home monitoring and control.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

Last year I backed the SmartThings project as I looked for a system to monitor and control my home. TechCrunch reports that Samsung may be purchasing SmartThings for $200 million and enter into competition with Google/Nest and Apple/HomeKit.

Samsung looking to have SmartThings help monitor and control your home
Image: SmartThings

SmartThings is a compelling solution, but they need marketing to spread the word and that is definitely something Samsung can bring to the table. Samsung does a good job of connecting their products and this home/office monitoring space is a natural progression for them. They already make security cameras and various home appliances.

I haven't yet installed my SmartThings kit because I am trying to find a couple of outside security cameras that I can tie into the system. Samsung makes such cameras. And with more and more Samsung products appearing (TV, washer, and dryer) in my new house, a complete Samsung solution may soon bring everything together with a SmartThings hub serving as the brain.

SmartThings is an open system that helps you quickly and easily setup your home or office with security or monitoring accessories. You can control lights, doorlocks, and alarms while also monitoring motion and water damage. There are a number of different devices you can purchase to setup your custom solution.

There are apps for iOS and Android devices so you can monitor and control your SmartThings remotely. SmartThings connectivity is one area where Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 currently fail for my daily usage.

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