Samsung terminating Samsung Wallet: Membership card app didn't satisfy usage rates

Mobile wallet apps have confused consumers for years and it doesn't help when long term solutions are not supported. Samsung just sent emails to Samsung Wallet owners announcing the 30 June termination of its service.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
(Image: Samsung)
As Samsung gets ready to roll out Samsung Pay while trimming the fat off of TouchWiz, another low-rated, and likely unused, service is shutting down. As reported by SamMobile emails to users were sent out this week announcing the 30 June termination of Samsung Wallet.

Samsung Wallet is one of the many apps that seemed to cause more confusion than assistance in the mobile space. The Samsung Wallet app was not a payment service, but an application for Galaxy smartphones that let you consolidate some membership cards and find coupons from participating vendors.

Samsung hasn't confirmed if the membership and gift card elements of Samsung Wallet will be included in Samsung Pay. On the Samsung Wallet developers page, Samsung posted the following:

First of all, we want to thank you for being a part of Samsung Wallet for the last two years. Since our announcement at MWC and our launch in 2013 we have tried to make Samsung Wallet a successful service that would help users throughout their daily lives and help our partners reach their customers in new ways.
Unfortunately, the usage rate of Samsung Wallet was not what anyone expected. One of our company's core values is to guarantee the best user experience. We feel today that we can no longer guarantee this experience. This is why we have officially decided to discontinue Samsung Wallet on June 30, 2015 in all counties. We greatly appreciate all your support and enabling Samsung users to enjoy your content and service through Samsung Wallet. At the same time, all features of Samsung Wallet will stop functioning.

Samsung Wallet was Samsung's competitor to the early Apple Passbook service. Passbook now includes support for Apple Pay and is much more useful. Google Wallet has also evolved over time to become a solid payment app with support for loyalty and gift cards.

Samsung was known for adding in services already provided by others as it attempted to get Galaxy owners using Samsung apps. Unfortunately, if you were a person who used lots of these Samsung apps, you are finding that each eventually shuts down.

In addition to Google Wallet, there are several other membership and gift card apps to choose from on Android devices. I personally stick with Google Wallet due to the support for mobile payments and it support of providing shipping status for my purchases.

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