SAP looks to Apple for 'viral' inspiration

The company's co-chief executive Jim Hagemann Snabe has said it will take tips from Apple and gaming companies on how to make 'viral' products

SAP is now in a "transformational phase", according to its co-chief executive Jim Hagemann Snabe, and the company is looking to the likes of Apple and gaming companies as models for its software.

Jim Hagemann Snabe image

SAP co-chief Jim Hagemann Snabe said the firm is in "a transformational phase". Photo credit: Danielle King

Speaking at the UK and Ireland SAP user conference in Manchester on Friday, Snabe said SAP is aiming to make its products "simple, viral, user-friendly".

"This is this new world of people collaborating and ecosystem innovation which I think took most people by surprise," he said. "If you look at Apple they have not only managed to redefine the computer and the device, they've actually redefined a bunch of industries... because of the technology and ease of consumption that they have managed to get to their customers, the consumers."

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