Science Museum recognises gaming

After Hours: Nintendo is paying £1m to sponsor a display of gaming history and an interactive educational exhibition at the Science Museum

Nintendo will sponsor three Science Museum displays in a deal worth £1m, the games giant announced on Wednesday.

The gaming giant will back Game On, an exhibition that charts the technological and cultural developments in computer games. The display will open in 2006, and its contents will range from 1960s video arcades to the latest home consoles.

"Game On will be a world wide tour celebrating the history of gaming. There will be all sorts of different consoles represented. Both Nintendo and other consoles from the '60s until now will be included, including games like Space Invaders and Donkey Kong," said Nintendo.

Nintendo will also become one of the sponsors of Launch Pad, the educational science and technology exhibition aimed at the younger audience. The sponsorship deal will partly fund an educational outreach programme and Web site, as well as an interactive gallery.

The Dana Centre, a Science Museum venue that hosts events and debates concerned with contemporary science, technology and culture, will also receive a slice of the sponsorship.

"This is wonderful news for us and for science in the UK. Nintendo's contribution will mean that we will be able to realise some of our ambitious plans for the future," Jon Tucker, head of the Science Museum, said in a statement.

"We're very pleased today to be able to announce that Nintendo are set to become long term partners and supporters of the work done here at the Science Museum, not only to help them realise and achieve their long term goals, but to help them inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers," said David Yarnton, general manager of Nintendo UK.