Scientific Conservation adds energy-measurement module to commercial building commissioning application

New software module from Scientific Conservation helps you get more granual about predicting commercial building energy usage.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

The techies at Scientific Conservation, which sell a service for monitoring the optimal performance of commercial building, have added a new energy measurement module.

The product, called SCIenergy, is a component of the SCIwatch Automated Continuouse Commissioning plaform, which I wrote about last month in this blog. The application focuses on predicting a facility's energy usage based on actual usage patterns rather than some static prediction that is based on variables that can change dramatically from building to building.

The company is pitching the new tool, for which it is seeking beta test sites, as a way not only of more accurately measuring and adjusting energy usage but as a method for calculating carbon reduction metrics and (potentially) data that would be useful for cap and trade programs. Scientific Conservation claims that its tool is accurate within 1 to 2 percent, whereas similar applications often have a 15 percent margin of error.

If you want to be considered for participation in the beta program visit this link.

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