Scottish cyberbabe takes on the Spice Girls

From the company that created newscaster Ananova, meet Glaswegian virtual pop star TMmy

Ananova creator Digital Animations' Glaswegian virtual pop star TMmy will release her video and MP3 single at the end of May.

The company hopes lucrative advertising can be attracted by the 21-year-old's debut single "You Make My Day". She has already performed her the song "live" at Comdex.

She also impressed Scottish secretary John Reid in November 2000. After meeting TMmy (pronounced "Timmy"), he said of her creators: "Over the past decade DAG has tapped into the demands of the interactive entertainment industry and is carving out a niche for itself through collaborations with games and advertising companies. Its real innovation is in the field of virtual character technology, as seen with their cyber newscaster Ananova and her successor, TMmy."

Digital Animations has £12m investment and its business model is focussed on animation for the computer games industry, animation for broadcast (TV, advertising, radio and the Internet) and virtual character technology, including TMmy.

The company has put together a detailed history for TMmy to make her more "believable". According to her biography she hates computer dating, but loves snowboarding.

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