Security concerns in Europe precede higher spending

An increase in security liabilities, may lead to an increase in spending for security solutions in the near future, says study

An increase in security liabilities may lead to an increase in spending for security solutions in the near future, says study

In a study conducted by marketing analyst group Frost & Sullivan, sales in the European content security market is expected to grow from US$524.6 million in 2000 to US$3.13 billion by 2007, though the study does also state that the company expects anti-virus market to diminish to 38.5% in 2007.


Though the study shows a high level of interest in anti-malware and content encryption software, the highest growth rate is projected to come from content filtering sales, which is expected to outperform all competitive technologies currently available for the market.

Content filtering products are expected to play a large part in corporate security with the increased usage of corporate e-mail and growing concerns that companies are encountering with regards to ethical use of the Internet.

The trend for security solutions increasing is largely tied up with the fact that companies are relying more and more on the Internet and e-mail usage as integral business processes - realizing that security is essential to enterprise integrity. This, says Frost & Sullivan, will push the market towards its potential.

Geographically, the content security market is reliant on issues such as the degree of corporate Internet usage, differing levels of legislation across the region concerning privacy and protection, and the density of large enterprises.

Enterprises are the largest investors of technology, since they have more at stake when it comes to potential losses. For this reason, the UK, France and Germany hold the biggest pieces of the pie as investors in the market, says the study.

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