Security consolidation continues

Symantec has revealed that its latest acquisition is Sygate, a specialist in access management software

Symantec has made the latest acquisition in the rapidly consolidating security space, buying end-point security firm Sygate.

The purchase further fleshes out Symantec's security portfolio following a string of acquisitions in the past 18 months.

Sygate's technology is geared towards access management and protecting networks from the problems associated with devices such as laptops and PDAs connecting to critical systems .

Enrique Salem, senior vice-president of security products and solutions at Symantec, is himself a result of an acquisition, having previously been CEO of Brightmail. He said: "It is critical to have an endpoint compliance solution that will allow companies to leverage their existing IT infrastructure to control the myriad devices connecting to the network.

"A recognised leader in endpoint compliance, Sygate provides the first universal network access control system designed to protect the entire enterprise network — from mobile devices to servers to unmanaged devices. The fact that their technology is built on industry standards means that companies don't have to implement expensive infrastructure changes to deploy this solution."

Chris Christiansen, vice-president of security products and services, at IDC, said: "Securing the endpoints of a corporate network is a challenge that affects all enterprises. Companies are looking for integrated offerings that can both protect the network and ensure that endpoints are compliant with security policies."

The value of the deal was not disclosed.