Security problems double in 2001

Six breaches in 1988, 52,658 in 2001...
Written by Joey Gardiner, Contributor on

Six breaches in 1988, 52,658 in 2001...

The number of computer security incidents more than doubled in 2001, according to US web security monitoring service CERT/CC. Its latest set of annual figures documenting security incidents show 52,658 incidents were reported in 2001 compared to 21,756 in 2000. When the service started in 1988 just six incidents were reported all year. The figures also detail other statistics including vulnerabilities and security alerts issued by the organisation. Nearly all of the figures show a doubling of security activity over the year. CERT/CC reported 2,437 vulnerabilities in 2001, compared to just 1,090 in 2000. CERT/CC was set up in 1988 on the behest of the US government to co-ordinate communication among experts during security emergencies, and is run from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.
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