CES 2016: Segway and Intel announce a hoverboard ... or is it a robot?

Like totally random Transformers? Intel and Segway have you covered

Intel and Segway just announced their own version of a hoverboard, those insanely popular, dubiously safe hands free two-wheeled scooters that keep catching fire.

I know what you're thinking: Segway still exists?

It sure does--primarily, one assumes, to supply security guards with pursuit chariots. And lo and behold, the personal transport company has a few tricks up its sleeve. Segway has teamed up with Intel for the new personal transporter. The Segway hoverboard uses Intel RealSense technology. So what's the big deal? Well, it turns out the device isn't just a fancy hoverboard--it's also a robot butler.



Intel CEO Brian Krzanich hovered out on his hoverboard (which he was very careful to call a self-balancing vehicle, not a hoverboard). Later in the talk, a robot head popped up right where Krzanich's groin had been. Okay, I'm with you ...


Then Intel screwed a pair of arms onto the robot's back. The hands are pretty crude-looking, like two plastic cup holders, but the robot is cute.

It can stream video and respond to commands. Intel says the bot is an open platform, so developers can get it to do all kinds of cool stuff. On stage, the robot responded to a few simple commands and followed Krzanich around.

Segway plans to launch a developer kit for the robot in the second half of 2016. Consumer edition to follow.