Seriously, Samsung: Where is the Galaxy S II?

Samsung announced the Galaxy S II in February. This is July. Where is the phone?
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor

Samsung's Galaxy S II is the best Android phone you can't have. Even after selling over 3 million of the phones, and after pre-orders topped three million stateside, Samsung has yet to spill the beans on when the phone will make its way to North America the US (though it's gotten pretty close once or twice).

But what's the delay? One possibility is that Samsung is aiming to take the wind out of the potential, possible, launch of the iPhone 5 (or 4S or whatever the thing is going to be called). With the next iPhone not expected until September at the earliest, that gives the Galaxy S II more than whole month until it sees a release. We don't like this possibility.

Another possibility is that the process of getting the S II out has been delayed by the sheer number of carriers the phone is set to appear on. With all signs pointing to the phone appearing on AT&T (as the aptly- named Attain), Verizon (as the Function) and Sprint (as the Within) perhaps Samsung is aiming for a simultaneous release for all three varieties. But something's holding them up.  Considering that the hardware is finished, the answer likely lies in something on the part of one of the carriers. Back-to-school season perhaps?

If that's the case, we aren't too far off. Recent leaks to ThisIsMyNext show the Galaxy S II running on the Sprint network, which means that Samsung and Sprint have at least gotten that far.

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