ServiceNow extends into security operations, incident management

ServiceNow started in IT helpdesk apps, moved into line of business and now aims to automate security incident response.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor on

ServiceNow launched a platform, Security Operations, that is aimed at better responding to security incidents and coordinating with IT teams.

The cloud company has expanded from traditional help desk services to line of business and now security with its platform. Security Operations takes the ServiceNow automation and helps coordinate security and IT teams.


Citing various surveys, ServiceNow noted that security responses are typically manual and lack coordination between support teams. ServiceNow argues that companies have spent on identifying and finding security threats but not responding to them.

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ServiceNow's Security Operations, which will debut next week at the RSA security conference, has two cloud apps, one focused on incident response and another aimed at vulnerabilities. Features include:

  • Workflow, automation, orchestration and systems management tools for security teams.
  • Risk assessment tools for virtual and physical assets. Security and IT data are coordinated to highlight if critical systems are being attacked.
  • Automation tools to trigger automatic patching, configuration changes and incident reporting.
  • Analytics to see data trends and dashboards to measure security and productivity.

ServiceNow said its Security Operations integrates with security applications as well as the National Vulnerability Database.

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