SeV performance fabric T-shirt lets you take mobile tech on your workout

Lots of us strap iPods and other mobile technology to us when we go to the gym or hit the road to workout. Scott eVest recently released a new T-shirt product that provides comfort while adding a functional pocket for storing your MP3 player.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributor on
As the summer winds down and the kids go back to school, it is time for the rest of us to get up and get some exercise before the holiday period rolls in and adds more pounds. I personally like the go for short 3-5 mile runs while my wife likes to go to the gym and use the elliptical machines. I strap on my iPod Shuffle and she straps on her Nano for helping pass the time while working out. I have always just worn t-shirts in the past, but am seeing more and more of that UnderArmour type gear worn by my daughter's soccer team and was thinking about picking up a shirt for myself. That is when I saw that Scott eVest launched their SeV T-Shirts and I was sent one to try out. Check out the photo gallery for 11 pics of the shirt. I purchased one of their limited edition leather jackets a couple years ago and also a very early 2.0 version vest before that and have been very happy with the functionality and comfort of these jackets.

I was expecting the long sleeve SeV T-shirt to be tight fitting like other types of workout shirts I have seen and was pleased to see that the XL model fit me very comfortably. It was also loose fitting around the cuffs so it doesn't hold in sweat and heat. It has also been quite hot in the Pacific Northwest and I was afraid I would overheat in the black shirt. However, the 3M Quick Dry fabric actually kept me quite cool and was very light and breathable. The fabric is designed to draw moisture away from your body and after a few of my local workouts I have to say that the shirt worked as advertised. One feature of this shirt, and most all other Scott eVest products are the available pockets. The SeV T-shirt has a single good sized pocket on the front left breast area. I know that these products make use of the Personal Area Network, but it took a bit of hunting around to find the hole to pass my headphone cable through to run around to my back since it was located high up in the spacious pocket.

I placed my iPod Shuffle inside the OtterBox case and inserted that into the pocket. As you can see in the photos, the iPod Shuffle in this case is well concealed and carries well in the lightweight shirt without stretching it over to one side or anything like you might expect when carrying weight in a light shirt. I then ran the headphone cable through the pocket and around to my back where I led the earbuds up to my ears. The pocket is also a great place to store credit cards and your ID, which can be important as you go out and about and hit the road.

There are a couple of SeV logos on the shirt, one behind your neck and one down on the left front of the shirt. They are threaded letters and look great on the device without standing out too much. The SeV T-shirts come in Medium, Large, Extra Large, and XXL and the short sleeve retails for US$29.99 with the long sleeve at US$34.99. The shirt is so comfortable and stylish that you can even wear it when you are out about without having to wait until you next go to work out.


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