Shazam for wine: new app lets you keep track of wines you taste

Imagine a future where you actually remembered the wine you drank with dinner last night.
Written by Channtal Fleischfresser, Contributor

It is perhaps a hazard of drinking wine that the next day, people often forget the name of that lovely bottle they enjoyed the night before.

Fear not, wine lovers. A new app, known as Drync, hopes to solve that problem. Known as "the Shazam of wine," the free app allows users to buy wine bottles either by taking a photo of the label or searching by name.

Tapping into the e-commerce instant gratification culture, where you can immediately buy something cool you see in real life, Drync CEO Brad Rosen hopes the app will create a similar experience for wine lovers.

Despite the number of wines available, local wine stores typically carry only a few varieties, so it can be very difficult to find that same bottle you enjoyed so much over dinner. In addition to photographing  wine labels and ads, users can save their notes and ratings of wines in the app.

The company, which can so far ship 30,000 wines to 41 U.S. states, has raised $900,000 from angel investors for its fulfillment and marketing initiatives.

Perhaps the days of "what's the name of that wine again?" are numbered.

Photo: Drync

via [Fast Company]

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