Show biz biggie goes green before your very eyes

Leonardo DiCaprio. Big star and big on the environment.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Leonardo DiCaprio. Big star and big on the environment. His personal website is focused on global warming and other environmental issues. Even his myspace profile features a trailer of his latest film, on the environment.

His latest film is "11th Hour," as in time is running out. And it's coming soon. Not sure why he's so worked up about possible human extinction, seems to me that would solve a lot of Gaia's problems pretty quickly, and those raccoons seem to be just waiting for their chance on top of the food chain. Guess Leonardo's done the math and if everybody dies out, there'd be nobody to go see his movies.

If you think Michael Moore and Al Gore have infuriated the "It's-all-right-jack, get-off-of-my-cloud" crowd, just wait until Leonardo is on every TV network and talk show on radio and you can't escape the message of the "11th Hour." Two experts who appear in Leonardo's film have the following quotes: the problem on the planet is not technical, it's "leadership issues." And this upbeat thought: "This generation gets to completely change this world."

The details on the movie, according to his website: Leonardo DiCaprio's new feature film documentary The 11th Hour - opening in the United States Aug 17th. It's distributed by TimeWarner which owns no oil companies or coal mines.

(The Leonardo image comes from his personal website.)

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