Siemens adds healthcare tech to environmental portfolio

Three diagnostic imaging technologies have made it into Siemens AG's Environmental Portfolio of products that help customers reduce their CO2 emissions.

Three diagnostic imaging technologies have made it into Siemens AG’s Environmental Portfolio of products and solutions that contribute to environmental and climate protection.

This is above and beyond the environmentally compatible product design and energy-efficient manufacturing standards, according to the "Environmental Protection, Occupational Health and Safety 2010 Report."

The Environmental Portfolio is made up of products which are energy- and resource-efficient – helping customers cut CO2 emissions and reduce product lifecycle costs.

During the fiscal year 2010, Siemens posted sales worth some €28 billion (just under $40 billion) with products from its green portfolio. During the same period, according to the company, customers saved 270 million tons of CO2 with such products.

The company’s goal for 2011 is to reduce customer emissions by 300 million tons.

These 3 medical devices recently joined the ranks with 8 other Siemens Healthcare products already in the portfolio.

1. The Somatom Definition Flash computer tomograph (CT) for body x-rays with multiple angles (such as this heart pictured above):

It takes only about 0.6 seconds for a thorax exam and uses 45% less energy than its predecessor, the Somatom Definition. It saves 85% on cardiac CT scans.

This one uses less material because it no longer needs counterweights to balance rotating parts. And the remaining imbalances are compensated for by using steel rather than lead.

2. The Axiom Luminos dRF fluoroscopy system for instant high quality digital images of the patient’s insides (such as this picture of a 15-year-old’s wrist, right):

This system saves 35% on energy consumption over the entire product lifecycle compared with the Axiom Iconos R200 used under the same workload conditions.

Since it operates digitally, film cassettes are unnecessary. Also, the device boosts efficiency with its 2-in-1-system suitable for two kinds of x-ray imaging, fluoroscopy and radiography.

3. The Ysio X-ray system:

Per patient exam, this system uses 20% less energy compared with the Aristos VX system.

It also requires no film cassettes, saving on materials and avoiding waste in hospitals and practices. And it's highly customizable – wall stand or table system, for example – to help ensure optimal workflows.

Images: Siemens Healthcare

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