SmartTrust offers CA solution in new software

SmartTrust new version software offers up-graded security management capability and CA solution in a PKI environment.
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SmartTrust, a provider of security and service management solutions for mobile and Internet e-services, has announced the launch of SmartTrust Certificate Manager, version 3.5 (formerly iD2 Certificate Manager) aimed at managing the entire life-cycle of digital certificates, from creation to revocation, and to provide Certification Authority (CA) solution in PKI (public key infrastructure) environment.

The latest version, which can issue up to 40,000 certificates per hour, includes functionality to allow management of digital certificates in multi-channel environments.

Its CA hosting capabilities has also been designed to suit Identrus member banks, supplying a complete PKI platform and providing the technology to make an Identrus application available to end-users with mobile handsets.

"Being able to conduct safe, secure business through authentication, non repudiation and confidentiality services has become an important element of today’s e-businesses, particularly those that deal with sensitive or personal information such as health or financial records," explains Timo Laaksonen, senior vice president of corporate and service provider business unit at Sonera SmartTrust Ltd.

"Version 3.5 reflects the growing trend for organizations to outsource the management of their PKI by addressing multiple CA hosting in the TSP market. However, the ability to support multiple PKI environments on a single platform is also finding applications in the corporate world," adds Laaksonen. "For instance, a financial institution that requires a PKI solution to secure its internal network, another for Identrus activities and yet another for its e-banking application. All of these can be securely hosted on a single platform and yet easily managed via centralized policy and service management."

Sonera SmartTrust Ltd. is a provider of security and service management solutions for mobile and Internet e-services. It's infrastructure software enables the provision of secure e-services on wireless and wireline networks. Currently the company has over 150 customers on all continents.

The Certificate Manager is designed specifically for public and private Trusted Service Providers (TSP), financial organizations, enterprises and fixed and wireless operators.

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