SMBs embrace BYOD, but slow to manage mobile devices

Many small companies are open to the idea of employees using personal technology for work purposes, but only one-third of them are actively managing that strategy.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

The concept of BYOD is pretty mainstream among small and midsize businesses (SMBs): 61 percent of them have embraced the idea, according to new research conducted by Spiceworks

But among the SMBs that are supporting a BYOD policy, only 17 percent are actively managing personal mobile devices being used for professional purposes.

That's a little frightening, consider the security breaches or malware infections that could arise as a result. But there's a very simple reason that it isn't happening: many SMBs just can't deal with the complexity -- perceived or otherwise -- of putting a mobile device management solution or framework in place.

There were 991 SMB IT professionals surveyed for the Spiceworks report, "As BYOD Becomes Mainstream, Complexity Increases for SMBs," which was sponsored by mobile management solution provider Fiberlink.

"It's clear BYOD support will continue to grow so that the industry conversation must evolve from 'whether to how' IT organizations can better manage and secure the devices employees bring to work every day," said Kathryn Pribish, Voice of IT program manager at Spiceworks, commenting about the results.

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