Social brands fly the banner with new Twitter profile pages

The latest version of Twitter gives brands the chance to showcase their offerings with a nice new look and feel. Its available to you too, but only if you have the right mobile phone.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Twitter recently announced a new version of Twitter, with tabs and enhanced profile pages.

The company is also set to move to new premises in San Francisco, so it seems fitting that it should also revamp their online front window too. The move should be completed by June next year.

'New New' Twitter looks like a great opportunity for brands to showcase their offerings with a nice new look and feel.

(Source: Twitter)

So far, 21 advertising partners have teamed up with Twitter for the launch of the new interface. Brands can now highlight current campaigns that users will see when they visit the brand page.

Banners and promotions

Header images provide the opportunity for brands to customise their profile page to add logos and other visuals. Static banner ads appear under the brands profile page. Twitter promise exclusivity for your brand profile page, promising that no other companies advertisements will appear on your own page.

You can decide which tweets your users see when they visit your page, by promoting a tweet that will appear expanded in your stream. These tweets appear at the top of your profile stream. If however the tweet contains an image or a video it expands at the top of your timeline.

Everything in one place

When clicking on a user's profile, you can see whether the user follows you by clicking on their profile name. This is useful for brands that wish to implement a cross-channel influencer strategy and engage with their followers.

Brands can focus attention on tweets important to the current campaign and use their profile web address to direct users to the new look and feel.

Even my @eileenbprofile page now becomes the shortcut to my own 'brand', with everything related to me; now visible through the Connect tab.

The Discover tab highlights stories, monitors your activity and suggests people to follow.

Tweets can be linked through the web pages using the Embeddable Tweets feature. This new feature drives customers directly back to the Twitter user profile to follow or favourite tweets.

Small businesses using hosted WordPress can click the permanent link for the tweet and embed the tweet directly onto their site.

See it for yourself

Twitter will be rolling out the redesigned version in a matter of weeks. But, if you're impatient to try the new web look and feel, you can.

If you have an iPhone or an Android device, all you need to do is download the app with the new version of Twitter on to your phone, and log in from there. You can then see the new features both on your phone and your desktop.

If however you don't have Android or iPhone and cannot wait to see what the new features look like, Twitter has produced an overview. You can see what the new interface looks like until the new version is rolled out globally over the next few weeks.

Alternatively you can see the changes if you use the updated version of TweetDeck, which will be consistent with the new version, or have a look at the timeline feature in Faceboook which has a very similar look and feel.

Convergence, perhaps?


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