Social Business welcomes Rich Harris: father, artist, web ninja

What exactly a web ninja? Well, it's exactly what is going to give Social Business the kick in the pants it needs.

What exactly is a "web ninja"? It's someone adept a web marketing from the super complicated strategic development to the super granular execution of said strategy. A web ninja is also analytical and complex, though in a way that brings good questions and information to the surface. What better way to give Social Business a kick in the pants then to invite a web ninja onto the team?

Rich Harris, the ninja in question, has been a web marketer for more than 10 years and has been in the high tech industry for almost 15 years. He's worked in both enterprise and consumer spaces and he's currently running social media for a pretty big company. I've known Rich for about 10 years now and he is a brilliant writer, a hilarious commentator, a very good friend, and, as a bonus, an incredibly talented drummer. I couldn't think of one better person with whom to share this blog.

I truly believe that Rich is going to breathe some new life into this blog. Look for his mug and his posts here soon. He's already written some great guest posts here and he has some fabulous ideas for new content. We've already started talking about some great (and ridiculous!) ideas for collaborative projects, too.

So, please join me in welcoming Rich to the ZDNet family. Follow him on Twitter to keep up on his posts and check out some of his other cool blog projects.


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