Software lets Web visitors request appointments

By embedding the vCita 'widget' on a Web page, small businesses can connect with potential customers when they are most inclined to forge a relationship.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor on

Technology start-up vCita has written a software application that small businesses can add to their Web sites, making it easier for visitors to request appointments.

The software works by allowing your company to add a small contact widget that can be embedded onto specific pages on your Web site, said Ran Oelgiesser, vCita's chief marketing officer. It is aimed at small companies that don't have a whole lot of support staff or administrative infrastructure (usually less than five people or individuals who have their own consulting business).

The company launched its service in mid-September. Itzik Levy, CEO of the company, said the software is meant to replace existing contact forms and information. It links into many calendaring and scheduling applications, so that you don't have to enter an appointment twice.

"As many professionals invest valuable resources in building a greater online presence, most Web properties still fall short of being truly actionable. vCita has created a unified solution that optimizes the process of engaging visitors and potential clients and addresses the piecemeal approach that is currently being used for scheduling, meeting, conferencing and billing."

If your company is making appointments with the intention of billing clients, there is a monthly subscription fee associated with using the vCita widget. If you commit for a year, it is $13.95 for a month; if you want a month-by-month subscription that is open-ended, you'll have tro pay $21.95 per month.

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