Some last minute iPhone predictions

Throw in your guesses as to what Apple will unveil today!

With a couple of hours to go until Apple's 'Let's talk iPhone' event, let's get in a few last-minute predictions as to how the event will pan out.

Let's go!

  1. Tim Cook's debut as Apple CEO This is Tim Cook's first outing as CEO, and he's going to want to both keep things feeling familiar while at the same time leaving his own mark on the event. I expect that Cook will continue the 'one more thing' tradition that Jobs is well known for.
  2. iPhone 5 - Evolution not revolution Yes, there will be a new iPhone, and my guess is that it will be called 'iPhone 5'. I expect the iPhone to be revamped and updated but I'm not expecting any huge changes. Yes, there will be a dual-core A5 processor, yes there will be a better camera, but I'm not expecting anything revolutionary this time around.
  3. 'Teardrop' shape ... don't bet on it The more I think about this new 'teardrop' shaped iPhone that's being rumored, the more I think it's fake. There's a chance that the older metal-backed design might come back, but my feeling is that the new iPhone 5 will look a lot like the current iPhone 4. Note: Some 50% of you are expecting Apple to come up with something completely new!
  4. Thinner Whatever the new look, you can guarantee that it's going to be thinner than the current iPhone ... my guess, some 20% thinner.
  5. iPhone coming to Sprint Yes, I think it is.
  6. More 'affordable' iPhone ... There are a lot of rumors that Apple will unveil a cheaper iPhone to cater for developing markets and  those wanting an iPhone for a cheaper price. While I think that this will indeed happen, I'm not sure it'll be announced as part of Apple's flagship event. My guess is that this will happen at a later event.
  7. New iPhone will be on sale within 2 weeks Yes, that's as expected.

OK, that's what I think. Your turn!

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