Sony renames Discman family

The final instalment in the Sony Walkman's birthday blitz... Enter the CD Walkman

Enforcing its commitment to the Walkman brand, Sony has renamed its Discman line the CD Walkman.

The company also introduced a brand new technology, G-Protection Jog Proof, which it claims finally makes portable CD players skip free when the user is running or jogging. This integrated anti-shock system can withstand three shocks per second -- apparently the maximum received by a player while jogging.

The latest models to feature this technology, and the final offerings for the Walkman's 20th birthday, are the D-EJ915 and D-EJ815. Features of both include: MD Link, an optical digital output for connection to a MD recorder, and CD Text out capability.

The D-EJ815 -- dubbed the marathon model -- has up to 70 hours battery life, which Sony claims is the longest ever for a CD Walkman.

UK pricing was not available

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