Sony rolls out new PRS-T2 Reader with stylus, Facebook, and Evernote

Sony makes some of the highest quality ebook readers and this latest model has a couple of nice touches, including social and Evernote integration as well as stylus support.

My first eInk device was the Sony PRS-505, I still have it, and I have since gone through several Sony models. Sony just released their latest model, the PRS-T2, that is available now for $129.99 in black, red, and white. In typical Sony fashion, it looks like a well designed eReader. It is actually priced some of the competition this time, when you take out the ad subsidy provided by others.

Sony rolls out new PRS-T2 Reader with stylus, Facebook, and Evernote

The new Sony Reader PRS-T2 matches what existing devices have, along with a stylus and ability to take notes on the display. Specifications of this newest model include:

  • 6 inch Pearl 600x800 pixels display with Clear Touch IR technology
  • 1.3GB internal memory with microSD expansion card slot
  • Support for ePUB and PDF with Adobe DRM, TXT, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP
  • Facebook and Evernote support
  • 6 built-in dictionaries for translation support
  • Dimensions of 6.9 x 4.3 x 0.4 inches and 5.9 ounces

Check out the CNET review of this new ebook reader.

Sony was the first to allow public library support on their Reader devices a few years ago and with this newest model they also make it even easier than the Kindle for wireless access directly to your library. You can also buy books from the Reader Store or download them through Google Books.

Many of the ebook manufacturers now support social networking aspects of the ebook experience and it looks like Sony takes that a bit further. They do have Facebook support so you can share your reading experience, but they also integrate Evernote so you can read content you captured with the web clipper and save handwritten notes you take on the Sony back to Evernote. As a big fan of Evernote, this integration alone almost has me pulling the trigger on this latest ebook reader. The new Sony model is priced at $129.99 while the Kindle Touch is $139 ($99 with ads) and the Nook Simple Touch is at $99 and $139 (with GlowLight).

Even though I have a few smartphones and tablets, I still am a firm believer that reading on an eInk device is a better experience for reading longer than 30 minutes and more closely matching the physical book experience. As soon as an eInk device comes out with that book "smell" then I may never have to pick up a physical book again. I currently have a Kindle Touch, Nook Simple Touch, original Nook, Kobo Touch, and Sony PRS-505 (my original purple reader). Thanks to the cross platform support and ecosystem, the Kindle Touch is now my primary device that I picked up as a refurbished model with ads for only $79. However, with the Evernote support, I may have to test out one of these new Sony models.

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