Source code shop shut down

The Ukrainian site which offered source code from Enterasys and Napster lasted only three days--but vows to return.
Written by Jo Best, Contributor
The online shop where hackers were offering Enterasys and Napster source code for sale has closed its doors.

The site, which called itself the Source Code Club, opened on Monday but shut up virtual shop late on Wednesday because of its customers' fears. It also said it would reopen in the "near future" when it had found the right business model.

A statement on the site read: "We regret to inform that SCC has temporarily suspended operations. Our business model is currently being re-designed to alleviate some of the initial fears our customers faced."

The Ukrainian-registered site had been claiming to sell source code for Enterasys Dragon intrusion detection system 6.1 for $16,000 and Napster's server and client code for $10,000.

The FBI is investigating.

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