Sowing a resilient future

Liu Bo recounts his childhood experience which taught him never to shrink back when facing any difficulty.

It was midnight, right about early spring in 1976.

In a small village 30 kilometers North of Beijing, a wisp of yellow light shines from the Southeast corner into a shed. Under the caliginous lamp, a big sow was humming loudly. It was giving birth.

Outside the shed, the strong and cold north wind was blowing. An ugly, dirty boy sat on the haulms beside the sow and was staring at the sow. He was so cold that he was almost frozen. His hands were red. And he was very sleepy as he had been sitting at the same spot since sunset the previous day. He had not eaten for more than 10 hours. But his eyes remain focused on the sow.

"One, two, three, four ..... thirteen!" When the last piglet was born, the boy smiled. When he wanted to stand up he found that he couldn't because his legs were numb.

That boy was me. I was 16 years old at that time. Because of this unforgettable experience, I never shrink back when I am faced with any difficulty.

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