Splunk adding end-to-end visibility to IT's tool kit

Splunk makes it possible for organizations to peer into their systems, their solutions and their workloads to learn what is really happening all in real time.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor on

Erik Swan, CTO and Co-Founder of Splunk, and his colleague, Steve Sommer, VP Worldwide Marketing, stopped by telephonically to bring me up to date on what Splunk is doing. The company has been enhancing its product family with features making it possible to use search engine technology on just about any type of non-structured data. It is amazing the number of ways that this technology can be used to help organizations really know, in real time, what's happening. I heard stories of customers tracking abandoned shopping carts so marketing and sales can analyze why customers walked away, customers being able to track the functions of distributed transactional systems so that they can understand where slow-downs and failures were thinking about appearing and many other innovative uses.

There are so many ways to apply this technology, that the company is challenged to get the word out to prospects. It would be worth your time to go visit their website to see what people are doing with this technology.

I hope to speak with several of their customers to learn what they're doing.  I'll post things here as I do.

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