ST to produce satellite system for Taipei taxis

ST Elect, the electronic arm of listed Singapore Technologies Engineering, secures a NT $202 Million deal in February 2001 to supply THI Consultants Inc. an Advanced Fleet Management System for 2000 Taipei taxis

An advanced satellite-based taxi booking and a driver/passenger safety featured dispatch management system that integrates to an intelligent call-centre

Singapore Technologies Electronics (ST Elect), the electronic arm of listed Singapore Technologies Engineering, secures a NT $202 Million (about S$10M) deal in February 2001 to supply THI Consultants Inc., an Advanced Fleet Management System for 2000 taxis in Taipei. The deal was secured through ST Elect’s fully owned subsidiary in Taiwan.

Over the last 12 months, ST Elect has successfully secured a number of new contracts in Land Transportation Systems in the Asia Pacific region, riding on a strong track record in similar projects in Singapore. These include new contracts for an Integrated Communications System for an MRT Extension Project in Taipei, a new LRT Project in Manila and a Traffic Monitoring System for Suzhou City, China.

When completed at the end of 2001, the new Taipei project will boast an advanced satellite-based taxi booking and dispatch management system which will incorporate a driver and passenger safety feature that integrates to an intelligent call-centre and may be expanded to include 10,000 taxis. The system will be supplied by CET Technologies Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ST Elect.

When implemented, the system will provide the operators with two major benefits. Firstly, it will provide a competitive and conducive platform to consolidate the ownership and management of taxi fleets in Taipei. Both taxi operators and owners will be in a better position to benefit from economies of scale as current taxis fleets in Taipei are owned by many small operators and individuals who operate dispatch systems with limited capacities. Secondly, commuters will also enjoy better, effective and more reliable service from a larger and more reliable service from a larger and more efficient call center.

“ST Elect is well placed to supply this project as it has a head-start in the development and implementation of an Intelligent Transportation System that are undertaken by fleet owners like Comfort taxis in Singapore. As this concept gains greater popularity and acceptance in this region especially in China, Taiwan, Philippines and Malaysia, we are able to leverage on our expertise and experience and meet the needs of the growing and more sophisticated market providing a Transportation Management System to these countries.” Said Seah Moon Ming, President of ST Elect.

About THI Consultants Inc.

THI Consultants Inc. specializes in providing professional planning, engineering, operation and management services for transportation systems and land development. Established in July 1989 in Taiwan, its founders saw the tremendous need for professional planning services in their native land and had a vision for improving the future of transportation and land development in all development countries. THI maintains its headquarters in Taipei with a multi-national network of professional and resources in Asia, North America and Europe.

About Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd

Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (“ST Engg”) is an integrated engineering group specializing in the fields of aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine. ST Engg provides one-stop services for air, land and sea platforms as well as systems-based solutions. Headquartered in Singapore, the Group employs about 10,000 employees worldwide with revenues of about S$2.3 billion.

About Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited

ST Elect, a company of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd, seeks to deliver innovative solutions to customers worldwide. ST Elect specializes in the design, development and integration of advanced electronic systems, such as communications system, microwave systems, traffic management systems, mobile real-time systems, intelligent building management systems and intelligent rail systems.

About CET Technologies Pte Ltd

CET Technologies Pte Ltd (CET) is a subsidiary of ST Elect. CET has, over the past two decades, built up extensive experience and skills as a System House in the region for Communication and Electronics businesses. It has vertically integrated the processes of design, development, production, system integration, maintenance and system upgrade to be a one-stop solution house for its customers.