StarHub to launch mobile video streaming optimization by end-2013

The Singapore telco is rolling out technology that will help scale video downloads to fit the resolution and screen size of mobile devices, conserving data and bandwidth needed.

The mobile video optimization solution will enable users to conserve data and use less bandwidth.

StarHub is rolling out a video streaming optimization technology for its customers which scales videos to fit the resolution and screen size of mobile devices.

According to a statement on Friday, the network-based solution will enable users conserve data as less bandwidth is required for each video session, resulting in faster start times and less buffering without significantly altering viewing quality.

The technology, Seamless Access by Mobixell, will be enabled for customers by year-end.

The telco is also exploring the use of edge caching to further improve Web page load times by autonomously pushing popular Web content to specific base stations based on user demand.

In addition, the telco's 4G network which currently covers 75 percent of the island is on track to hit 95 percent street-level deployment by October 2013. StarHub said it has been upgrading its dedicated fibre transmission backbone to support up to 1Gbps connection to each base station since April 2012.

Some of the mobile network upgrading includes the installation of higher-capacity 4G and 3G base stations, enhancing the traffic handling capacity of its transmission backbone, and exploring large-scale small cell deployment to enhance coverage and capacity.

The telco has also started testing small cell technologies which will be vital to enhancing network performance especially in high traffic density areas and coverage blind spots in the near future.

StarHub declined to specify the exact figures for its investments but pointed to its earlier guidance for capital expenditure to be 13 percent of annual revenue.