Start IT up: GiggedIn

GiggedIn is an online tool that brings together musicians, venues, and audiences. It's a great ideal, but will it make a great business?
Written by Phil Dobbie, Contributor

Staging a live event can be a risk. You hire the venue, and nobody shows. Money is lost, egos are crushed, and venues are left empty. GiggedIn is a tool that tries to fix this problem, enabling events to be staged risk free.

In effect, it's a group-buying solution. Events don't happen until enough people have agreed to come along. Then, with the money committed, the venue and artist can push ahead and stage the gig.

In this edition of Start IT up, ZDNet's Phil Dobbie talks to Edwin Onggo, CEO of GiggedIn, about how it works, how it makes money, and how big he expects it to get. Right now, it's being used by a few hotels and bands dotted around Australia. Perhaps one day Madonna will use it to decide whether it's worth extending her tour Down Under.

What do you think? Has GiggedIn got potential to be the way to book live gigs?

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