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Stay agile with smart collaboration tools

Imagine you're a coach of a football team, made up of all your colleagues. You're going into the biggest game of your career, up against your fiercest competitor. And every move will be watched by an audience of millions, including your most valued stakeholders. What does it take to win?

Everyone in your team will have to react fast, and pass the ball to each other seamlessly -- often strategically and creatively. So...good communication is key.

It's the same with how you work at the office, too. With telecommuting and increasingly diverse teams, not everyone will be at the same place (or same spot on the field)at the same time.

But with Microsoft 365 Enterprise, you can empower your team to collaborate anywhere, and achieve more with greater visibility. For instance, an accounts manager in Hong Kong can build a document with her counterpart in Singapore on the chat-based work space, Teams, using real-time statistics shared by the finance department on OneDrive. The result? Your client receives better work, faster. And the whole team scores.

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Protect your game play with layered security

It's a winning tactic. But how do you ensure your defence is solid? With multi-layered, cloud-based security built into Microsoft 365 Enterprise, you can protect your company's confidential data and intellectual property. Like an amazing goalkeeper, Identity Management stops unauthorized users from accessing your system, while Advanced Threat Protection--an excellent defender--helps you thwart possible attacks using behavioral analytics.

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Build secure, borderless enterprises

The workforce of the future will need to collaborate well securely. The good news is, the solution comes in one easy-to-use and complete package. Your secret weapon--Microsoft 365 Enterprise--brings together the best of Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security to help you achieve more corporate victories in the digital age.

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