SurfControl makes CEO switch

Founder Purdham moves to one side as the company turns its back on the UK...

Founder Purdham moves to one side as the company turns its back on the UK...

Steve Purdham, the founder and CEO of SurfControl, is stepping aside to make way for a new CEO at the UK security firm in a move likely to raise eyebrows across the industry.

Taking over the reins will be former and Sun exec Patricia Sueltz, who has been brought in from the US.

As well as favouring a more corporate CEO over one with an established reputation within the security industry, SurfControl appears to be moving away from its UK roots.

The new CEO has already decided she will shun the company's headquarters in Congleton, Cheshire, in favour of an office within the company's California office.

Purdham's skills won't go to waste, however. An esteemed and common-sense voice within the security industry, he will be staying on in two new positions as chief strategy officer and chief technology officer.

Purdham is currently on a world tour with his new CEO, introducing her to SurfControl properties around the globe and was unavailable for comment.

However, in a statement released by the company, he said: "We are very serious about global growth and Patricia is a world-class executive with proven experience and knowledge to drive our business to the next stage.

"We have established ourselves as a force to be reckoned within the internet security market and I look forward to working with Patricia to further drive the expansion of our business and technology strategy."

In the same statement Sueltz said: "This is an exciting time in internet security and I believe that we can build on the considerable achievements to date while delivering significant growth and profitability for our shareholders."