Survey: What's on your company's tech budget for 2018?

Take this quick, multiple choice survey and tell us about your company's spending priorities for the upcoming year.
Written by Amy Talbott, Contributor
Image: iStock/KTM_ART

It's that time of year, when technology decision makers are looking ahead to the 2018 fiscal and calendar year. ZDNet's sister site, Tech Pro Research, is conducting a survey to find out where companies are directing resources, and how this compares with the IT budget from last year.

If you're familiar with how the budget is created in your organization, please share your thoughts about your company's plans and top priorities for the next year by filling out this survey by August 15, 2017. The survey contains 15 multiple choice questions, and should take less than five minutes.

You'll be asked questions about how your company's budget for fiscal or calendar year 2018 compares to fiscal or calendar year 2017, how important IT spending is within your organization, what your company's top budget priorities are, and who makes recommendations for IT budget items.

All respondents will have a chance to enter their email at the end of the survey and receive a free copy of the resulting research report, which is normally only available to Tech Pro Research subscribers.

Take Tech Pro Research's survey on IT budgets for the upcoming year before August 15, 2017 and you can request a free copy of the resulting research report.

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