T-Mobile 4G Rocket 3.0 USB mobile broadband stick on sale May 25

Find out what 42 Mbps feels like with T-Mobile's 4G Rocket 3.0 mobile broadband stick, so you can stay online no matter what USB-capable device you're using.

Now that T-Mobile's 4G network is available in 55 markets (not New York City though), you'll need gear that can take advantage of the 42 Mbps-capable speeds.

That is why T-Mobile is launching the Rocket 3.0 USB stick for laptops and other mobile devices May 25, so that you can experience the Web on-the-go the way it's meant to be experienced.

The Rocket 3.0 is slightly larger than a thumb drive and has a rotating swivel USB adapter for compactness and compatibility with USB slots on computers. It comes with three changeable faceplates in blue, purple and matte black to give some personality to an otherwise straightforward device.

Of course there is a cost to accessing the fastest speeds but T-Mobile offers a couple of pricing options. You can opt to sign a 2-year contract with T-Mobile, which will net you the Rocket 3.0 for only $99.99 after a $50 mail in rebate. Its post-paid data plans start from $29.99 per month for 200 MB of data to $85 for 10 GB. In fact, existing T-Mobile voice customers will get a 20 percent discount on the mobile broadband plan.

Or, if you are just an occasional user who doesn't need month-to-month mobile broadband, then the pre-paid option may be a better fit. T-Mobile's pre-paid data plans range from $10 for 100 MB good for 7 days to $30 for 3 GB of data for 30 days. The only catch is that the Rocket 3.0 would cost $199.99 upfront.

Look for the Rocket 3.0 stick tomorrow on T-Mobile.com.