T-Mobile Dash available in stores

The T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile Smartphone with QWERTY keyboard was announced a couple weeks ago and is finally now available in stores for purchase. I'll be making a couple of purchases at T-Mobile next week and the Dash may soon be added to my collection.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
T-Mobile Dash

So after getting all excited on October 11th when T-Mobile announced the Dash I was unable to actually buy a device like I planned on that day. You see T-Mobile just announced the device and buyers still had to wait a couple weeks to actually get one. The T-Mobile Dash is now available to purchase from T-Mobile, but I am actually out in Hawaii for business and can't pick one up. I signed up to be notified when they were available back on October 11th and still have not received an email from them about the availability. I may be able to pick up the T-Mobile Dash for as low as US$150 with my US$50 upgrade discount and other rebates.

When I return to Washington State next Tuesday I'll be making a visit to my local T-Mobile store and they should be quite happy to see me as I plan to check out and most likely purchase the Dash along with the T-Mobile @ Home router and mobile phone for my wife.

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