T-Mobile inserts the Dash

T-Mobile USA officially announced the rumored and highly anticipated T-Mobile Dash, aka HTC Excalibur, device today. I am hitting my local store as soon as it opens in a couple hours to pick up one of these WM 5 Smartphone devices running the latest AKU3 Windows Mobile update and will see if it knocks the Nokia E61 from my hands.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
T-Mobile Dash
I was just browsing my RSS feeds and saw on Engadget that the T-Mobile Dash (HTC Excalibur) was announced. I am heading off to my local store as soon as it opens this morning and will be buying one for myself. I am a HUGE thumb keyboard fan and this looks like a great choice to compare to my Nokia E61. I have been using the Samsung SGH-i320, but the poor battery life and lack of WiFi are not making it an alternative I want to continue using. The T-Mobile Dash is a QWERTY Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone with the AKU3 update preinstalled. One of the coolest features that I look forward to trying, and that I'll talk about in my upcoming review and image gallery, is the ability to press and hold a key to enter the alternative text. This was something I was able to do on my old Treo 650 with KeyCaps 600 and I think it adds a lot to a smartphone keyboard experience. I should be able to pick up the Dash for only US$199 after rebates and a two year contract. I have been with T-Mobile for 5 years and have no plans to leave so I don't mind signing a two year contract to get the maximum rebate. Stay tuned for more details on the Dash after I get mine today.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, T-Mobile isn't as smart as Apple when it comes to announcing devices and the Dash won't even be available in stores for another 2 weeks. Now T-Mobile employees will get lots of calls and visits and have to turn away lots of customers who may even get a bit discouraged with the news. Why announce the release of the device if it isn't even going to be available? I like the way Apple announces something and has it in the stores that same day and wish others would stop getting us mobile enthusiasts excited for no reason.

Credit: Engadget

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