T-Mobile officially announces G2 HSPA+ Android device

T-Mobile was the first carrier to launch an Android device in 2008 with the G1 and now will be the first to launch an HSPA+ device with the Android-based T-Mobile G2.

Two years ago I flew back on a whirlwind one day trip to New York for the T-Mobile G1 launch event and posted my most extensive review ever for the first carrier launched Google Android device. Today, we received official notice that the T-Mobile G2 is coming soon as the first HSPA+ device. I returned my buggy Samsung Vibrant in anticipation of this HSPA+ device and will for sure be buying one when it launches. Very few details are known about the device so stay tuned as we continue to hear more over the coming weeks.

The only thing that T-Mobile has posted so far is an outline of the device and the fact that it will support their HSPA+ network. T-Mobile's HSPA+ network has theoretical download speeds of 21 mbps and upload of 5.7 mbps with typical actual speeds in the 7 to 11 mbps range, which is still blazing fast for a wireless data network and much faster than the Sprint 4G WiMAX network where 4G is more about branding than actual speeds.

Rumors indicate this G2 device will most likely be an HTC manufactured Android device with the HTC Vanguard/Vision codename. These same rumors indicate a mid-September launch date so I am really looking forward to this being my next smartphone on T-Mobile.