TDK Grey Cell ships software GSM package

Less than five months year after Japanese giant TDK bought the UK's Grey Cell, the communications pairing is making good on promises to put communications functionality into software.

TDK Grey Cell has begun shipping GlobalPulse (£149 list), a software suite that provides GSM, fax, data and SMS comms when used with Ericsson, Nokia or other specified handsets. The software ships with a serial cable to connect handset to PC, obviating the requirement for a dedicated PC Card.

The firm said that putting functions into software made the product cheaper to make and easier for users to set up. The only limitation the company will own up to is that the product currently only works under Winodws 95 - where it is implemented as an orthodox VxD driver - but says Windows CE and NT versions are on the blackboard and will be implemented early this year.

GlobalPulse ships with contact manager and SMS editing tools so that users can upload names and numbers to their mobile phones.

"GlobalPulse represents a significant breakthrough for the mobile data market ... [It will] undoubtedly change the way people use GSM," said David Heppe, TDK managing director.