Tealeaf: 80% report problems with online shopping, many tell their friends

Tealeaf survey shows online shopping is up but many experience problems and then tells their friends through social media...
Written by Tom Foremski, Contributor

Tealeaf today released a survey conducted by Harris Interactive that shows 48% of US adults are spending more time shopping online but 8 out of ten have run into problems.

The survey also showed that US adults are sharing their bad experiences with others but much less than with the companies.

The number of consumers who contact a company directly in response to online transaction issues declined:
- 26% of online adults who experience problems conducting online transactions then posted complaints on a company’s Website in 2009, versus 32% in 2008.
- 38% of all online adults contacted a company’s call center after encountering problems using the Website in 2009, versus 47% in 2008.
- 12% of online adults who encountered issues said they shared those experiences via blogs or social networks, twice as many as in 2008.

Like with all of these types of commissioned surveys it is a very self-serving survey. Tealeaf sells online customer experience management solutions and is keen to uncover examples of consumers having problems with online transactions.

However, the survey does make a good point about the use of social media to share negative shopping experiences and the potential damage to business.

More than half (54%) of all online adults said social media content has influenced their online transactions, with 82% of those reporting that social media has influenced their choice of vendor.

More Information here: http://www.tealeaf.com/Harris

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