Telepresence's Sexxiest App: The Fookoo

The Fookoo Adult Entertainment System, from Japanese-based startup FooKoo Interactive, is heralded as the first Android-powered adult content streaming and interactive entertainment system for the masses.
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The Fookoo Adult Entertainment System, from Japanese-based startup Fookoo Interactive, is heralded as the first Android-powered adult content streaming and interactive entertainment system for the masses.

You've heard of Apple TV. You've heard of Roku. And you may have even heard of Logitech's Revue with Google TV. Or maybe the Cisco Umi. Now, from the Far East, we have the Fookoo.

In terms of pure hardware specification, it isn't that much different or remarkable than the Apple TV or the Logitech Revue box. It's a small set-top device with a 1Ghz Japanese-designed ARMv7-based System-on-a-Chip (SoC), 256MB of RAM, 4GB of local flash storage, integrated 5Ghz Wireless-N Wi-Fi and USB connectivity for optional supported Logitech and Microsoft webcams, plus Bluetooth for integration with various wireless peripherals as well as 1080p HDMI and optical Dolby Digital AC3 outputs.

Like the Apple TV and the Roku, it can play on-demand video content from a selection of premium content suppliers. Like the Revue and the Cisco Umi, it has integrated telepresence capabilities. And since the device runs on the open source Google Android OS and has a free SDK for extending the device with additional 3rd party channels and apps, it's incredibly flexible and open if you want to enter its developer ecosystem as well.

The Price? A mere $99.00. Just like the Apple TV and the Roku.

Oh there's one other thing I forgot to mention. It's designed exclusively for streaming HD porn content and two-way adult telepresence and teledildonics.

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Which you will NEVER see a Roku or an Apple TV or a Revue ever do, because NetFlix and Amazon Video don't have adult movies sitting on their storage area networks and you'll never see an "App for that" on an Apple device at least as long as Steve Jobs is still alive.

And I'm pretty sure given how much money the turtlenecked one now has and how successful he's been at avoiding human mortality, he'll figure out how to transfer his consciousness into a robot body and will be plaguing us with his holier-than-thou presence in product keynotes for the next thousand years.

But I digress.

As I mentioned in my previous piece about the dim future for personal telepresence, the only likely mass-market use for one-on-one full body remote video presence is likely to be adult applications. You got it, the world's oldest profession.

So where and when can you buy the Fookoo? Well, you can't. I just made the thing up. Got ya, didn't I?

However, this is not to say there isn't a demand for this kind of product and large pieces of it don't exist already. It just hasn't been assembled into a single product yet.

The XXX-rated video content streaming box that works just like a Roku and costs less than $100?

Oh you really can buy one of those, and it's called a FyreTV BoXXX (WARNING, LINK NOT SAFE FOR WORK) and it can play over 20,000 premium adult movies On Demand, and you can subscribe to the content with Monthly, Per Title, Per Scene (I guess if you're not into the plots and want to get right down to business) or Per Minute pricing.

They even have subsidized tiered pricing available, just like wireless phone service, with monthly "Viewing minutes" with "Rollover minutes" if you don't use them all each month. How practical! I'm guessing they don't have Family Plans yet.

FyreTV BoXXX and offered service plans. Your Roku and Apple TV never gets this hot. Click to zoom.

And One-On-One video sex chat? Well as it turns out, despite Apple's desire to ban all things that potentially may cause heavy breathing or an accelerated heart-rate, that pay services have popped up, such as IP4PLAY that allow you to use the iPhone 4 -- and now the Mac's -- FaceTime capabilities for intimate video encounters with the partner of your choice. Oh and they do Skype Video too, apparently.

On the Android platform, there's Sex Chat Live, which in turn is being offered by the 3rd-party adult app store, MiKandi, which I wrote about earlier this summer.

Integrated Teledildonics? Well, there's quite a few robotic human genetalia analogues that you can purchase for your PC, some of which are extremely advanced, such as the RealTouch (WARNING, LINK NOT SAFE FOR WORK) which was developed by a former NASA engineer. But I don't know if any have been developed that have a wireless Bluetooth connection yet. As with anything though, if there's a will, then there's a way.

The "Fookoo" may not be fully realized as I describe it, but all the parts are there and the technology is available. The question remains whether or not it will be built. I think it will, and quicker than you probably think.

Will an "Adult Entertainment System" like the Fookoo be released in the near future? Talk Back and Let Me Know.

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