Thank you Steve Jobs

The world is a sadder place with the passing of Steve Jobs. It is also a better place due to the short time he was with us as he has touched us all in a special way.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Thank you Steve Jobs for your unwillingness to compromise.

Thank you Steve for seeing the future so clearly, and turning it into technology that improves our lives.

Thank you Steve for assembling an organization that shared that vision, and that is able to bring it to fruition.

Thank you Steve for never settling because your customers didn't deserve it.

Thank you Steve for driving multiple industries to raise their game to try and keep level.

Thank you Steve for making each of us feel special, and befriending us through your actions.

Thank you Steve for letting us share your vision in our everyday lives.

Thank you Steve for making a hell of a dent in the universe.

Thank you Steve for your ability to tell what really mattered, and pursue it to fruition.

Thank you Steve for being a great man first, and an executive second.

One more thing -- thank you Steve for making me strive to be the best I can be, for igniting the passion to do what I do, and showing me by example to never take a short cut when it's not good enough.

The world lost a special man that impacted millions through his vision, determination, and unerring drive to do the best in everything he touched. Steve Jobs touched all of us with his ability to see the future and bring it to the present. His unwavering drive to produce the best technology that his customers could use to maximum effect has given us many iconic products in such a very short lifetime. Thank you Steve Jobs for all you did, all you touched, and the legacy you left behind.

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