The Attention Operating System

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Written by Steve Gillmor, Contributor

Bag of drivers
Abstracted layer above
RSS -- lightweight instantiation of Web Services
Attention the meta layer above information routing
Net threading of bit processing
Gestures signalling layer of info net
Same way that WTS pushes only change bits and XAML drives API for UI gestures, mine what is not done or stopped as high value return
Contract initiated by users, not publishers
Gestributors  as metapublisher rolls up content as a gesture among many
In it to win it: Gestribution uber OS
Contribute and authenticate to Gestribution network.
Affinity formation creates application base
Open pool creates attention currency
Gesture streams create invitations for contract
Pool validates GestureRank
AOS authenticates via pool contract
Apps validate via affinity contracts
Licensing reflects valuation of contract and GestureRank of participants
Data portability guarantees choice and pricing pressure
Pool data can be combined with gestural data to favor user control
Establish microcommunities with provable buying power
Analogy to OS cycle allocation validated by microcommunity metadata: interrupts and resource allocation prioritized at GestureRank layer based on contract evaluation
Content flows or doesn't flow based on gesture/contract dynamic aka gesturecred
The Attention Operating System
Attention principles ( at.org)
Attention kernel (atx)
Attention framework (attentionsoft)
Attention applications
-- behavioral recording
-- social expression (gb certified)
-- influence metering
--Open anonymized pool

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