The Dark Knight Rises on the Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia does a good job of tying in movies to their devices and Lumia owners can now get some exclusive new Batman content for free.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

I enjoy all of the comic action movies and the blockbuster this summer is going to be The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR). Nokia has been featured in movies before and this year worked out a partnership with TDKR. As detailed on the Nokia Conversations site Nokia Lumia Windows Phone owners can download TDKR application now in the Marketplace.

I found the application this weekend and installed it on my white Nokia Lumia 900 to check out the content. You will find film trailers, behind-the-scenes video footage, wallpapers, and audio tones that you can use as your ringtone.

As stated in the Nokia press information, "The app also features an immersive TDKR game 'Claim Gotham City' that has people choose sides, Batman or Bane, and claim and defend places through real-life Foursquare check-ins. Users will be rewarded with TDKR exclusive content for claiming places for their side and can play solo or with others." It is interesting that Nokia integrated Foursquare check-ins into the game and that is something I am trying out now.

You will also find a countdown to the US release on 20 July and theater locator that uses Nokia Maps. Talk about the movie on Twitter can also be viewed within the application. If you have a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone and enjoy Batman, then download and try out this free exclusive application.

Nokia is also releasing some exclusive The Dark Knight Rises black Lumia 900 devices that have the Batman logo etched into the back.

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