The impossible expectations of Apple

Apple has doubled its phone's speed, improved the camera, and added a fingerprint scanner. Why are people still disappointed?
Written by Howard Lo, Contributor on

It's been a week since the iPhone 5S and 5C were announced, and I'm sure everyone has read how they're not innovative enough on the 5S side and not cheap enough on the 5C side.

iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s: Connecting up the dots in Apple's plans

Where's the bigger screen, the longer battery life, the flexible display, the all-glass body, the laser-projected keyboard, the market-creating addition, and the feature that spits out unicorns?

Apple is a victim of its own success. Unless they release another market-category creator like the iPad they're going to fall short of expectations. Improvements on existing devices are not appreciated anymore.

"You made a phone that is 2x faster than the phone from last year, has a significantly better camera, and includes a fingerprint scanner. Man, it’s like you guys took the whole year off from creating something new."

I get it; we all wanted CEO Tim Cook to say, "Oh and one more thing…" and pull an iWatch out of his pocket. Because he didn't we feel like Apple led us on; they teased us with their secrets, they didn't clamp down on rumors, and we ended up with the iPhone 5S.

They put a fingerprint reader on a phone! Sure, at first it's only good for unlocking the phone, but don't forget that millions of app makers now have access to a fingerprint reader. This community of developers will figure out how to use this scanner in ways we haven't thought of. Similarly, having a 64-bit processor might not be that useful now, but developers will figure out how to unlock that performance potential.

So I wanted to say, "Good job, Apple". You're one of the few that have added a brand new feature and I can't wait to see what the community will do with it!

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