The key to business success: Becoming a psychopath?

Should we all take a leaf out of the psychopath's book to have successful careers?
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Should we all take a leaf out of the psychopath's book to have successful careers?

If you think psychopath, you may have images of axe-wielders or those best left in prison and secure away from causing damage to society. However, Oxford University experimental psychologist Kevin Dutton argues that adopting some psychopathic tendencies could be beneficial to your success in life.

Ruthlessness, fearlessness, self-confidence, focus, mental strength, charm and charisma are all traits of a psychopath according to the psychologist, and these factors are all key in having a successful career.

The tipping point where you become a problem, according to Dutton, is when "all these traits are turned up too high, and that's when you start getting individuals who are dysfunctional."

However, in the right amounts, adopting certain psychopathic characteristics can help. Psychopaths tend not to "procrastinate or take things personally," and don't wallow in regret if something doesn't go their way. In addition, a lack of empathy can also be useful in certain roles, such as surgery.

Dutton believes that people with these characteristics are suitable for high-profile careers, including CEOs and lawyers; as being able to demonstrate confidence and make hard decisions are key to the role. Successful politicians also display these traits, as they need to be "remorseless at implementing policies in the face of opposition."

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