There'a zero-emission car now, but you can't have one. BTW: the Pres doesn't wanna hear you "squawk" about gasoline prices.

Clarity, courtesy Honda.Good news: Honda's now making a zero-emission car.
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Clarity, courtesy Honda.

Good news: Honda's now making a zero-emission car. Better news: they're shipping them from Japan to car-hungry Los Angeles. Bad news: even if you live in LA, you're not going to get one of these cars for a long time.

The new Honda Clarity is a hydrogen fuel cell car, but there'll only be a few dozen this year and they go to a very select list of celebrities. And once again: this no-emission car is NOT for sale, lease only. So Honda can always pull back the Clarity anytime they wish.

Squawking about gas prices?

In an interview with a British TV reporter, President George W said, "...in the meantime you've got a bunch of people squawking about the price of gasoline. And because we didn't try to find more oil and gas, we're in a pinch in America."

Your squawking is definitely unpatriotic. You are instructed to ignore the fact that gas prices now average $4.08/gallon here in the US. Anybody who fails to comply faces rendition to London. Just be glad you're not in Britain where the fuel prices are double that and they charge you to drive into central London. And our happy crude oil speculators had an exciting day on their market, nearly pushing crude oil to $140 per barrel before it settled back below $135.

One of the major party Presidential candidates has called for a removal of the ban on new offshore oil drilling. Bet you can guess which one.


Corn prices are soaring faster than crude oil's. They're now talking possible $10 per bushel corn thanks to speculation, and floods in the American Corn Belt. Corn prices now at $7.5 per bushel are up 25% in the past five weeks. That's going to make some very expensive ethanol. For some historical perspective: at the turn of this century, $2 per bushel was considered top price for corn. Guess it may be time to switch back to gasoline, huh?


Some people just seem to get worked up over this climate change thing. The non-governmental Council on Foreign Relations had a special bi-partisan commission look at American policy on global warming. They're not pleased with what they found. The task force called for federal regulation to lower American carbon emissions. That proposal will bounce off the Capital dome in DC and land with a resounding thud this year. The task forcers could at least recycle the paper this report will be printed on. And the task force members should all bicycle home instead of flying first class.

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