This is going to blow some fuses among global warming deniers

Christians campaign for global warming action.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Now it seems the marching song of some global warming activists is "Onward Christian Soldiers." This "take action" tour is led by Reverend Tafue Molu Lausam, a Christian pastor and activist from the South Pacific island of Tuvalu; Sara Kaweesa, who works with the Christian conservation group A-Rocha in Kampala, Uganda; and Peter Ilyn, executive director of Restoring Eden. Tuvalu is a low-lying island nation in the Pacifric that feels threatened with extinction by rising sea levels.

“The climate change policies of the industrialized nations are destroying innocent people elsewhere in the world, especially in the small low lying island countries in the Pacific,” said Rev. Lusama. “I must carry on this advocacy work to the global church until the world hears and decides on a positive, coherent and meaningful deal for stopping climate change and the tragic impacts that are threatening our very survival.”

The trio is touring Christian churches and colleges throughout the south and Midwest. Bleeding hearts in the heartland, so to speak.

Through the long years of argument over global warming in America it's been the blue states and the more secular forces of environmental groups arguing for global warming action. More fundamentalist Christian groups have often been aligned with the forces that favor no government intervention, freedom for corporations and overall skepticism about global warming. Denial even. Apparently the good reverend from Tuvalu has now turned to his fellow man for some help, prayer not providing a ready answer at this time.

In some quarters there's been official church effort to get global warming dealt with. The current Pope, has long been concerned about global warming.* And several Protestant demoninations have also taken public stands in favor of global action on global warming.

* Two previous sentences in this blog were not meant to denigrate the Pope, nor ignore his serious attention to global warming two years ago. I apologize if it appeared that this blog was taking a religious, or anti-religious position.

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