Though iPhone 5 is imminent, older model still tops in U. S.

The iPhone 5 release is nearing, but the older model is still outpacing the competition in the U. S.

Say what you will about Apple's refusal to share information about products until they are ready to buy, but current U. S. smartphone numbers bear out the strategy. The aging (by smartphone standards) iPhone 4 is still leading smartphone sales at both AT&T and Verizon, even though iPhone 5 rumors are heating up.

Most companies have to worry about upcoming models cannibalizing sales of existing ones, but not Apple. The next generation iPhone, presumably the iPhone 5, is expected to be launched in October, so logic would dictate smartphone buyers might wait on the new one. That's not the case as the iPhone 4 is still outpacing other smartphones at the two big carriers according to retail store checks by analysts.

What is interesting about the findings is how things have changed price-wise in a short time. While Apple's iPhone has historically been the expensive phone at the carrier, that's no longer the case. Top Android smartphones are now keeping pace price-wise with the iPhone, and in some cases exceeding it. Apple is not only riding the good perception of its products with consumers, it is also selling them at competitive prices. With an advantage like this it's no wonder the iPad is outselling all other tablets by an order of magnitude.


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