Tidemark apps go GA, name Wilmington operating chief

Cloud business intelligence and analytics startup Tidemark lands new customers and names PeopleSoft veteran Phil Wilmington chief operating officer.

Cloud analytics startup Tidemark's applications---financial planning and forecasting, operations planning and metrics management---are now generally available. Meanwhile, the startup has landed a series of new customers and added board member Phil Wilmington as operating chief.

In an interview, Tidemark CEO Christian Gheorghe said the company's first applications are generally available and the company is landing customers in its sweet spot---midsized to large enterprises.


Tidemark is targeting companies with 1,000 employees or more and $500 million in revenue. These companies are generally looking to replace legacy analytics applications with software as a service options.

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Gheorghe's plan is to bring analytics to rank-and-file employees by focusing on mobility and tailoring its user interface to devices like smartphones and tablets. By going mobile first, Tidemark is betting it can replace established players.

New announced customers include Chuck E. Cheese, a recreational restaurant chain, and Pabst Blue Ribbon, a beer distributor that has become a marketing juggernaut. Pabst has actively moved into the cloud and also uses Okta, Box and Concur among others.

Pabst Blue Ribbon CIO Ben Haines said Tidemark's strength was its ability to absorb data and then deliver it to multiple roles within a company. Tidemark's implementation time---6 months---also sold Haines. "I set up Cognos and BusinessObjects at a previous company," explained Haines. "We set up an awesome system, but it took us three years. We don't have the time or money to do that."

Another Tidemark customer is Platinum Hospitality Management, which owns a hotels. The company is layering Tidemark on top of its Workday implementation. "Platinum shows how you can bet on ERP in the cloud and then layer analytics on top of it," said Gheorghe. Tidemark's aim is go after "brand new strategic replacements of SAP and Oracle," said Gheorghe.

Tidemark is also maturing its products and organizational structure. Notably board member Wilmington, a PeopleSoft veteran, will become chief operating officer at Tidemark, which now has 60 employees.

"We want to build this up one customer at a time," said Gheorghe.

Here's a look at Tidemark's explainer.

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