Tip: Nice resolution-switching utility for Retina MacBook Pros

We can love the high-definition Retina display on the MacBook Pro laptop, but still want to change resolutions.
Written by David Morgenstern, Contributor on

While the high-resolution Retina display on the MacBook Pro is beautiful, there are times when we want to change resolution. However, there's no quick and easy way to toggle resolutions.

Roman Loyola at Macworld recently reviewed Pupil by Louder Than Ten, a useful screen-resolution-switching utility. It costs $5.

Loyola said that the strength of Pupil is its customization.

For example, if you have three different resolutions you like to use, you can choose to display only those three in Pupil's menu — and put them in a preferred order. Other apps, such as QuickRes, display the whole list of available resolutions at all times — which I don't mind, but it's nice not to have to see options that you'll never use.

There's more to the utility. Check out the full review.

Many believe that more is better when it comes to resolution. And at times, it is for some forms of content. However, elements in the user interface, such as icons and tools, can shrink to dinky size. Worse, even though text may be clearly rendered, it's way too small to see for some users' eyes. This is especially true for users with older eyes, even with "computer glasses". Small is small. Switching resolutions is an answer, but only if it's easy to use.

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